Optimal stock rotation for large and small
ARDIS® STOCK enables ——
  • Suitable offcut / sheet determination
  • Offcut processing priority
  • Simple manual labeling
  • Reservation processing
  • ERP synchronization
  • Link with optimization software
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Manage all your stock on a single platform — Sector-specific warehouse management


  • Automatic detection and identification of offcut pieces within optimization
  • Online printing of offcut labels in same way as part labels
  • Shop floor training in 5 minutes
  • Simple movement registration without regular designated places
  • Intuitive system

Return on investment:

The greatest value of offcut processing isn’t in the materialgains but in the processing time saved.

Thanks to ARDIS® STOCK, no more:

  • Measuring and counting offcuts for every optimization
  • Manual adjustment of cutting programs
  • Relying on offcuts that were there recently but have since been used

  • Registration of edgebanding rolls and their leftovers without length measurement

Automatic warehousing


  • Integration with all brands of automatic warehouses
  • Save offcuts in a single system

Full control:

  • New online control for automatic warehouses
  • Communicates directly with the PLC
  • Full web-based interface with 3D representation
  • Permanent access to your warehouse controls via web or tablet
  • Intelligent sorting algorithm for improved warehouse efficiency

Impact on the business:


offcut usage


yield increase


labour saving
Key advantages ——
  • Full connection with the ARDIS® OPTIMIZER
  • Never any stock shortages thanks to reservation & multi-user environment
  • Link and integration with ERP/MRP, never any generation of double references
  • Simple but flexible system requires only minimal training for operators 
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