ARDIS® OPTIMIZER enables you to

  • Group orders and items
  • Sort based on cutting plan
  • Take production challenges into account, such as
    • Tension free cutting
    • Minimum edgebanding length
    • Intermediate format generation for laminates

Why people by ARDIS® OPTIMIZER? — The industry standard


  • Import from all CAC-CAM / ERP / ...
  • All paperwork prints from 1 solution
  • The optimal balance between efficiency & yield
  • Out of the box customization
  • Optimization in shipping sequence
  • Offcut processing priority
  • Full integrated & automated solution
  • Link to all machine types
  • Cutting edge algorithms
  • Balances your saws & routers
  • Faster production planning
  • The most comrehensive label-printing on all machines

Easy integration

Full integration with third-party software such as ERP, CAD/CAM, MRP etc. using flexible macro language and adjustable import and export which supports all technologies (SQL, CSV, Excel, Access, etc.)

Impact on the business:

Reducing material usage

Improving production flow

Meeting assembly sequence

Stay independent of any machine manufacturer ——
ARDIS® supports more than 30 machine manufacturing brands out of the box.


Customer: Beneens - Schrijnwerk & Interieur - Olen - Belgium
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