Affordable resource plannig & manufacturing execution system
Do you recognize this? ——
  • "The operator started on the next job while the current isn’t finished?”
  • “It’s like our operators don’t know what a priority job is.”
  • “Why is he running to engineering every 10 minutes?”
  • “What was our throughput today?”
  • “Can we still accept that huge order for the end of the week?”
  • “How is that machine performing?”
  • “I changed my mind, this needs to come first!”

Why ARDIS® PERFORM over standard MES/MRP/ERP?

  • Made specifically for the sheet cutting industry
  • Standardized solutions developed using knowledge of industry-specific issues 
  • Standard connections with all machinery used by the industry, reducing scanning time loss
  • Standard connection with cutting plan optimization
  • Developed in collaboration with Ghent University

Impact for engineering & production manager:

  • Remarks per machine instruction
  • Minimal Bill of Material and Bill of Operations maintenance
  • Real-time status and order overview
  • Immediate bottleneck representation & rescheduling possibility
  • Rush orders and rework parts management

Impact for management & quality control:

  • Live feedback of “on-time” status
  • All required input for production meetings ready in real time
  • Production error alerts and traceability
  • Employee payment by performance instead of by hour

Impact on the business:


more efficiency on the workflow


less disturbance of engineers


overview without loss of time on scanning
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—— “

We decided 2 years ago to implement ARDIS® PERFORM. Our company, listed in the top 20 of woodworking companies in the USA, is now on the leading edge to implement Industry 4.0 in the real world with a mix of existing and new machinery. 
Read our cover story in FDMC magazine. 

Ron Devillez, Director of Process Engineering, Kimball International, USA
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—— “Operators in assembly spend an average of 25% of their time looking for lost and damaged items”

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