Control and pilot all your CNC-machines in a flexible way
Do you recognize this? ——
  • Your draftsmen have to take the capabilities of your machines into account.
  • All production data are available, but you cannot send them to your machine.
  • Generation of machine files takes up a huge amount of time.
  • On purchasing a new machine you are tied to the same brand, otherwise you must rebuild all CNC-programs.

Key features

  • Import from various sources (CAD/CAM, ERP, Excel ...), but also manual input possible.
  • Feedback from postprocessor to other software.
  • Generate up to 500 machine files per minute.
  • Quick response to last minute changes.
  • Configure postprocessors yourself.
  • Link different postprocessors to one another. What one machine cannot produce, is automatically sent to another.
CAM CENTER converts every design into ready-to-use production files — This way draftsmen can focus on their expertise without taking the limitations and capabilities of your machinery into account. And production engineers get the tools to configure and pilot machines in an efficient and flexible manner.

2. Universal data format

All information on CNC-operations compressed into one single data format.

3. Postprocessor

  • Filter which layouts, parts or operations you want to send to the machine.
  • Optimization of CNC-operations.
  • Grouping and sorting: define the order in which you want to execute operations.
  • Centralize and manage all macro's and send them to the machine at will.

5. Feedback

Feedback on decisions taken (routing, filters, conversions) to ERP, MES and optimization software.

6. Export to machines

Export to beam saws, edge banders, CNC-machines and nesting machines in a wide range of file formats (MPR, CIX, HOP, XXL ...).

Special nesting features

  • Mill out all parts in one uninterrupted go with the stay down nesting functionality.
  • Mill scrap into smaller pieces.
  • Automatic labelling.
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