ARDIS® Helpdesk ——
At ARDIS® we place great value on the quality of our technical support. Next to our online help platform which you can access from the interface of the software by pressing F1, we have a helpdesk which you can contact during office hours.
Contact the ARDIS® Helpdesk ——
  1. Send us an email or give us a telephone call (click here for contact details).
  2. Our service desk will take up your request and create a ticket.
  3. Tickets are passed on to the helpdesk and will be processed in order of priority. This means that you might not always get instant support. When your ticket is up next, a member of the helpdesk will get in touch with you.

Please ensure you always send mails to the email addresses as stated in the contact details, and not to individual people.

Prioritization of your request ——

At peak demand our helpdesk needs to prioritize requests. We do this on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The fact whether or not you have an ARDIS® Enhancement Plan (maintenance subscription).
  • The urgency of your issue (e.g. 'Is your production at a standstill?').
  • The impact of your issue (e.g. 'How many machines are affected?', 'How many workers are affected?').

Please help us determine the correct priority of your request by adding relevant information.

Cost of the ARDIS® helpdesk ——

The helpdesk is a paid service, which means that you will be invoiced according to the time we have spent on your ticket. If you want to avoid a bill, then our ARDIS® Enhancement Plan (maintenance subscription) is the way to go:

  • Remote support on your current installation
  • Access to the latest versions of our software
  • Access to ARDIS® ANALYTICS.

Note that change requests like editing existing functionalities, adding new functionalities, creating new reports, support on hardware etc. are not included in the Enhancement Plan. Please have a look at our general terms and conditions (article 9) for more details.

Info to keep at hand when contacting the ARDIS® Helpdesk ——
  • Name and company information
  • Description of the problem
  • Which steps or actions did you take?
  • Ticket number (if your case has already been opened)
  • Teamviewer ID (for online remote support)
  • Relevant data like a copy of your settings file, project files, etc.

To generate a copy of your project in OPTIMIZER select 'File > Save as > Save as COP file'. To generate a copy of your settings select 'Tools > Backup settings'. To retrieve the Teamviewer ID select 'Help > Online remote support'. For some of our applications the online help (F1) contains more info on the best way to contact support.