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Customer case Silva — Silva (Nossegem, Belgium) uses PERFORM to keep everyone on the same page and track & trace their production.Discover more  ›
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Manage broken parts — Replacements are ordered automatically. No interruptions, no delays, no panic.Watch video  ›
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November 24, 2022 customer case Stelieform — Stelieform (Gistel, Belgium) is a B2B-company specialized in manufacturing cabinet fronts & doors for other professional joiners and interior furnishers.Read more  ›
October 20, 2022 customer case Pixxprint (Germany) — Pixxprint in Chemnitz (Germany) produces canvas prints, framed art prints and other wall decorations on demand.Learn more  ›
September 27, customer case Bürstner — Bürstner (Wissembourg, France) is a manufacturer of motorhomes and campervans.Read more  ›
2022/08/26 Customer case Vivo Concept BV — Vivo Concept BV in Maldegem (Belgium) is an interior furnishing company focused on building kitchens, bathroom cabinets, dressings, mantlepieces, etc.Read more  ›
2022/08/12 Customer case Reul Frères SPRL — Reul Frères SPRL from Baelen (Belgium) is specialized in the production of high-end tailormade furniture.Read more  ›
28/06/2022 customer case Inter-Systems — Inter-Systems from Genk (Belgium) is specialized in the processing of HPL compact panels and Corian for various applications.Learn more  ›
23/06/2022 customer Seaside Joinery — Seaside Joinery from Erina (Australia) focuses on high-quality interior construction projects for the private market.Learn more  ›
09/06/2022 customer case Mayr und Sohne — Mayr und Sohne of Schwendi, Germany, is an interior design company that focuses primarily on tailormade projects for private customers.Learn more  ›
20/05/2022 customer case Martens Hout — Martens Hout from Schoten (Belgium) is a family business that has been active for more than 100 years.Learn more  ›
06/05/2022 customer case Romulus & Remus — Romulus & Remus from Bilzen (Belgium) is a high-end interior furnishing company.Read more  ›
02/03/2022 customer case Diaform — Diaform (Deinze - BE) produces tailormade furniture for kitchens and bathrooms.Read more  ›
02/03/2022 customer case Nick Meulewaeter — Our customer Nick Meulewaeter (Lievegem - Belgium) has invested in a new Casadeï beam saw controlled by ARDIS®.Learn more  ›
08/02/2022 customer case Virtus NV — Virtus NV (Mechelen, België) specializes in total interior projects for shops, offices and residential projects.Read more  ›
06/02/2022 customer case Weiss Trennwände — Weiss Trennwände (Nürnberg, Germany) produces and installs tailormade room dividing walls and panels.Read more  ›
01/02/2022 customer case Heiko Schmidt — Heiko Schmidt is located near Mannheim in Germany, and is a typical B2C all-round woodworking company.Read more  ›
10/12/2021 customer case Tibosch — Tibosch is a manufacturer of kitchens and bathrooms and is located in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL).Read more  ›
10/12/2021 customer case Groupe Deya — Groupe Deya from La Crèche (FR) is a supplier of doors and furniture parts.Read more  ›
07/12/2021 Customer case AXO Industries — AXO Industries from Menen (BE) is specialized in cutting and processing facade panelsRead more  ›
21/10/2021 customer case Biwood — Biwood is an interior construction company from Herentals (Belgium). Biwood stands for class and quality, both in terms of look and choice of material.Learn more  ›
23/09/2021 customer case Alumeco — Alumeco provides solutions in aluminium, stainless steel, copper, bronze and brass for the metal-consuming industries.Learn more  ›

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